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Amelia Parker

Upcycling; making useful and attractive new products from items commonly perceived to be rubbish, is now a big trend. Amelia Parker’s truly unique designs take this idea a step further by adding London and history into the mix.

The range features jewellery, accessories and print all made using fragments of clay smoking pipes carefully selected from the foreshores of the River Thames in London. Many of these fragments date back to the 1600s. They are used exactly as found, eroded and coloured by time and tide, and have not been trimmed to size, altered, or enhanced in any way.

The jewellery is made using specifically-chosen fragments which are graded by size, colour and shape to create attractive arrangements. Closely-matched ‘pairs’ become earrings or feature within symmetrical designs, and interesting single fragments with unusual shapes and patinations are selected for centre-pieces, unisex chokers or single drop pendants. Cufflinks and keyrings are also available.

Hand-made leather wallets and holders for smart phones, cards and spectacles, are created from old clothing and remnants and, as per the jewellery, every item is totally unique. Each one features a ‘trademark’ Amelia Parker clay pipe fragment toggle attached to a split ring so that keys or charms can be added.

Greeting cards feature Clay Pipe Pete and Smokey Joe on old maps of London (available as larger prints on request). More images for the printed range are in the pipeline(!) and these include London landmarks, animals and a clay pipe alphabet for personalised items.

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Amelia Parker
Amelia Parker