Featured Brand: Anna Faine Jewellery

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Anna Faine Jewellery is a handmade collection of distinctive, bespoke pieces, designed to celebrate the curious and individual. Each piece is created using precious metals and gemstones to ensure each item tells its own unique story. The primary creative inspiration for her Jewellery comes from both the absurdity and humour of life, and her love of craftsmanship and detail. Anna has always been strongly influenced by the work of Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, the idea of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with humour and a genuine search for understanding the world around us. The story has always been the key to how she approaches her work, creating pieces which have many layers of detail and hopefully communicate a personal resonance to the wearer.

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You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

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