Featured Brand: GKJ Jewellery

Gemma’s graduate collection ‘Twisted Elements’, is based on the four elements and the Aurora Borealis. Speaking of the material choices for her collection, Gemma says “The most interesting material I have found to use is most definitely the pipe cleaners. I initially felt that the colours fitted the theme perfectly, but when I discovered the versatility of them, and how perfect they are as rings, it opened up my creativity even more.

Discovering the alternative ways of setting and utilising gemstones, in this instance by crushing them in different ways and setting them in silicone, has created a twist to the traditional ways of setting stones. Each of these elements combined have created unusual, fun and playful jewellery, which I hope that the public will love as much as I do”.

Gemma describes her approach to designing and making as experimental. She states, “After gaining inspiration from themes that appeal to me, such as ‘the four elements’, I let experimenting with materials guide what path they will take. I enjoy experimenting with different materials and pushing the boundaries as far as they will go, which leads to a new and exciting way of looking at them.”


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