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Laurie Beth Necklace

After graduating from Loughborough University with a first class honours degree in 3D Design, Laurie set up her studio at her home in Loughborough where all of my work is now produced. The home she shares with her husband, her two children and dog Beanie.

The inspiration for the work she produces comes from the intrinsic beauty she sees in the natural world. She praises her good fortune of a pair of tiny tour guides who find wonder and amazement in the smallest of things, like a pebble in the woods or a shell on the beach.

Her ceramic work has adopted an organic aesthetic; she embraces any imperfections and purposefully introduces irregularities within the making process to make each piece completely unique. No two pieces are identical.

The most recent collection consists of mixed media jewellery and home ware, made from combinations of silver, gold, ceramic and textiles.

Laurie has applied traditional processes like knitting and weaving into uniting the materials in my jewellery. By interlacing silver and gold chain with mohair and silk she has developed beautifully tactile pieces, that feel wonderful when held or worn.

The miniature bowls are slip cast bone china that have been infused with silver and wrapped in textiles.

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Laurie Beth Necklace