Featured Brand: Tamsin Francesca Jewellery

Tamsin Francesca

Tamsin Francesca creates delicate yet durable jewellery in silver, gold and pearl. Lace making and metalworking combine to create unique femininity.

Tamsin Francesca’s interest in lace making began when she discovered renowned lace makers in her ancestry. As a jeweller, her interest in the traditional craft developed and she taught herself the techniques that her ancestors had used Through learning traditional methods she was able to create her own contemporary technique, using metal thread for a modern twist on a time-honoured skill.

Tamsin Francesca’s designs exploit the versatile flexibility of the gold, silver and bronze thread she uses, which allows it to be twisted and manipulated into the most delicate forms, and yet retain its strength and durability to be worn everyday.
Her interest lies in the intricacy of the traditional textile techniques used in the lace work which can be married with the jeweller’s skill and craft to create truly unique pieces.

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Tamsin Francesca