Featured Designer: Abigail Heath

Abigail Heath

The concept of Abigail’s work is to draw the audience in and trigger their response of wanting to handle the pieces, creating an individual narrative to each form.
Being deaf all her life, it has caused her other senses to become heightened, especially touch. As a result, her work is informed by textures that she experiences in the world, and it is this different way of experiencing the world that she would like to share with us all.

Due to technological advances, our sense of touch is getting lost. The touch senses are being reduced to keyboards and touch pads. Increasingly, interactive and stimulating art pieces are becoming more common, appealing to other senses, not purely sight.

Abigail loves to be tactile with objects around her and get her own narrative from them. Remembering what the object felt like stands out to her more than seeing it behind the glass. Ceramics opened the doors to another world. Clay and plaster is essentially a blank canvas, allowing the maker to manipulate it in many ways.

Organic forms inspire her and to achieve this, she uses tights and other organic inspired materials to create varying ranges of surface textures.

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Abigail Heath