Featured Designer: Amanda Denison

amanda denison jewellery

Amanda Denison specialises in Contemporary Art Jewellery. She produces bespoke and limited edition collections of brooches and necklaces. Not for the faint-hearted, these are large statement pieces for the wearer who likes to be noticed.

Each piece is inspired by the traces left behind through decay, dilapidation and dereliction. Layers of peeling paint, rust on railings, corrugated iron sheds are all sources of inspiration. Eroded and changing forms, whether it be through the forces of man or nature, leave behind fragments of what once existed. Amanda Denison finds beauty in these chaotic unplanned marks which are the inspiration behind her jewellery.

She takes traditional jewellery making techniques and uses them in unconventional ways so they are reinvented for the twenty first century. She works in mixed metals and incorporates enamels, perforations and punched surface textures to produce her compelling pieces. Each of her brooches is a mini work of art.

Make sure you turn them over, for the back of each piece is as important as the front and each piece reveals hidden surprises known only to the wearer.

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You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

See her whole range on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amandadenisonjewellery?ref_type=bookmark

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amanda denison contemporary jewellery