Featured Designer: Amy Brooks

amy brooks wallpaper

Amy Brooks is a developing textiles designer with a passion for print and nature. She uses her love of photography to capture images in nature that she can generate into surface pattern. Creating individual but adaptable designs is a skill shown throughout her work.

In her collection called ‘Reflections’, she aims mainly for the interiors market; however the style of her pattern can also be applied to clothing or stationery. Amy sees nature as an escape as it easily possible to get lost amongst the ever-changing colours and forms, as well as the patterns in natural beauty. The majority of her inspiration comes from taking her dog on daily walks, where she often captures moments on camera whilst reflecting on her thoughts.

The approach she takes in design is straight-forward but effective. The transformation of the original image into a new design or motif; is a combination of my photography talents & eye for detail. Sometimes the best results come from the unexpected. This is the key part to her working process, as the digital pattern created can be forever changed, just like nature.

The intention of Amy’s designs is for the audience to be engaged in the unforeseen patterns formed, without realising what it is created from. For ‘Reflections’, she has brought together the ideas and methods that she has learned throughout my journey at university. Collecting more photographs for her portfolio and developing her eye for finding patterns in nature, is then used to create unique surface patterns for my love of interiors. The colour palette present in this collection is inspired from the natural colours in the sky. These colours also reflect the mood of the moment.

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