Featured Designer: Andrew Temple Smith

Andrew Temple Smith Ceramics

Andrew creates minimalist ceramic forms that embody elements of spontaneity and chance. He works mainly with thrown porcelain which allows him to produce a colour palette from pure white through to vivid primary colours. He enjoys both the technical challenge of porcelain and the tactile quality of the finished surface.

Andrew is showing two groups of work at Intrigue Emporium. The Nebula series are burnished cylinders whose patterned surfaces raise questions of scale; are we looking at close-up views of black and white photography or distant clouds? Some are intended as large single pieces while others form groups of related objects where no two are alike.

The Eccentric series play with the plastic qualities of porcelain taken towards the limits of its strength on the wheel. These thrown and altered functional works have irregular oval bases and are created with strong throwing lines.

Andrew’s first degree was in Environmental Sciences BSc (Hons), but his passion with ceramics started with a course at the City and Islington College in 2003. Themes involving the intervention of chance and chaos on the man-made world have been explored in his MA in ‘Design: Ceramics’ which he has just completed with a distinction at Bath Spa University.

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Andrew Temple Smith Ceramics