Featured Designer: Hairy Jayne


hairy jayne

Hairy Jayne hair care is handmade with love. Jayne is a totally independent hairdresser who brews her own range of products with her own fair hands at her studio in Brixton, south London. Hairy Jayne loves hair, nature and creating beautiful things.
Inspired by traditional hair care remedies used worldwide, the products are made from naturally derived ingredients which are specifically hair friendly and get the best results. The shampoos are mild on scalps and colour protecting.

All of the products are free from artificial colours, parabens and sulfates (SLS) and are fragranced with a beautiful blend of essential oils. As well as being as natural as possible, the simple range has a nostalgic feel, harking back to a time when handcrafted goods were the norm.

Unlike most hair products, Hairy Jayne’s artisan wares aren’t factory made, they are carefully handmade in small batches to the highest standards and have been tested by cosmetic chemists. The products are elegantly labelled and hand packaged in easily recyclable bottles. The ingredients are all sourced from companies within the UK.

Hairy Jayne will feature her signature products in Intrigue Emporium’s Summer Show.


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Visit her website at: www.hairyjaynehandmade.co.uk