Featured Designer: Harriet Rose Knight

harriet rose knight

Harriet Rose Knight describes herself as having “the rough hands of a maker and the imaginative mind of an artist”, combining her quiet aesthetic with the raw conceptual roots which drive her designs.

This collection, ‘A Portrayal of Composure’ captures the silent concealment of anxiety, combining a quiet controlled oval exterior, with layers of intricate restrictive grid work. It visually describes the escalation and constrained, trapped feeling of fear, emulated through layering and precision cut caged designs.

This raw emotion however is disguised through gentle curves, accurate intricacy and a muted colour palette forming a quiet, calm and reflective aesthetic deceiving the viewer. Within each piece, differing stages of portrayal are depicted through the breakdown of grid work.

Harriet is drawn to the intricate subtle details both conceptually and aesthetically. This is evident not only within her designs but also within her material choice, using birch wood she carefully hand treats each layer to gain specific tones, as well as to highlight the subtle natural details within the grain. These layers are combined together using sterling silver or yellow gold rivets adding further delicate detailing to each piece.

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Harriet Rose Knight