Featured Designer – Henriette Lofstrom

 Black Traingle collection

Her Danish heritage is apparent in this minimal yet strong aesthetic, & her design process reflects a great respect for the traditional values of the silversmith. With an emphasis on these skills and a high level of craftsmanship she designs and creates each prototype from her Hackney studio with the aid of patience, nice music and a strong set of eye glasses.

Production is kept in-house not only to ensure that the same exacting standards of quality and design are translated to each finished piece, but also due to the designer’s desire to produce sustainable and responsible fashion jewellery. Despite this emphasis on sustainability & traditional craftsmanship, Henriette Lofstrum jewellery has enjoyed great commercial success. Her statement and show pieces have been worn by the likes of Jessie J, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and Kylie Minogue amongst many others, & the brand has always sold in carefully selected stores. black triangle necklace

Her latest collection from Henriette Lofstrom takes its inspiration from the classical 4 elements of water, fire, earth and air, the ancient worship of these elements and the belief that everything that ever came into existence sprung from those very four parts.

Minimal clean shapes outline the contours of flying sparks, dancing fire, rocks, stalactites, crystals and meteorites. These understated, strong and simple forms, translate the raw energies of these base elements to create beautiful and unique pieces. On trend yet timeless, this collection of high quality precious jewellery is made to last for the fashion and design conscious customer.

golden Geometrical jewellery

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