Featured Designer: Jenny Haytch

jenny haytch illustration

The identity of Jenny haytch came about after, as she puts it,  “…had been applying for jobs and waiting for various aspects of my life to kick off a few years after graduating, and still nothing was really happening.”

 Needing to do something aside from job hunting to give herself a feeling of accomplishment at the end of day; some instant gratification.  And something that she could afford to do.  So she started drawing.

While having no intention of anyone really looking at it – it was months before she put anything publicly online but it seemed to go down pretty well.  I didn’t (and don’t) take it too seriously. Jenny tries to let her designs flow out as naturally as possible without bogging them down by overthinking them.

Love this?

You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

Get her full spiel from her tumblr here: http://jennyhaytch.tumblr.com/

Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/likejennyhaytch

And on twitter: http://twitter.com/jennyhaytch

jenny haytch