Featured Designer – Josephine Nirmala


Raintree beaded vintage necklace

Sanskara Designs was borne serendipitously when a new found hobby went rapidly out of hand.

Turquoise beaded necklace

Designer Josephine says, “My love for traditional silver jewellery has taken me on this journey where I now source vintage/antique silver pieces and string them with gemstones & beads, old & new to create what I think is sheer poetry. Each of my pieces are unique and I only ever make one of each design as I try to retain the uniqueness of each piece. My inspiration comes from my eastern roots and my travels across the globe. All the gemstones I use have their individual qualities and carry their own energy and it is this energy that will draw you to the piece of your choice. I do not mass produce nor do I outsource the production. I handcraft each individual piece here in the comfort of my home studio in London. Sanskara Designs seek to amalgamate the rich heritage of the east with western sensibilities to make jewellery wearing not just a statement but a piece of history.”

Yukta Vintage Gemstone Necklace

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Free entry , Families welcome.

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