Featured Designer: Lisa Slinn

lisa slinn ceramics

A Staffordshire based designer, Lisa Slinn has a passion for Illustration and Ceramics. In combining the two she has created a collection of work that shows her idiosyncratic illustrative style and her love of 19th Century British ceramics. Her dishes are highly decorative pieces of art that playfully fuse images found on traditional British tableware with contemporary ceramic design. The inspiration behind her work came after visiting the V and A for the first time this Spring and spending three days sketching their ‘Made in Industry ‘ tableware collections.

I became fascinated by the way 19th Century designers used gold lustre brushstrokes to create Renaissance inspired curly edges and floral motifs that we would now associate with china found in our great grandmas best cabinets. I played around with creating my own versions of ornate handles but painted them flat onto the surface so that they would look like they’d been placed on at the last minute. In complete contrast to the hours it would have taken hand painters back then. I mean for my pieces to have a fun feel and to reference Museum China ware but for them to also have a contemporary twist”.


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lisa slinn