Featured Designer: Melissa Montague

Melissa Montague

Melissa holds that today’s fast paced consumerist society many people have become detached from their ‘things’. Her work explores the relationship between people and artefacts and aims to re-establish a connection through function, scale and intrigue.

In a very personal account she talks about her journey, ‘For as long as I can remember, making things has been an integral part of my life. Whilst growing up making and creating was widely encouraged; though, looking back now I realise much of this activity grew out of necessity: for example, my mum made many of my clothes. However, it was also possible because the necessary skills were practiced and imparted. My mum was taught to sew by my grandad on an old Singer treadle machine and my great-grandmother taught him.’

Sustainability is very important to her practice and she enjoys working with metal due to its versatility and durability. She is particularly interested in the practice of preserving and sharing traditional skills and techniques, which she explores through video documentation of the making process. So make sure to check out her ‘Making of’ video on her website.

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Melissa Montague