Featured Designer: Monaara

Moaara mark scarf

Monika is a fashion designer & an emerging artist. Originally from Delhi and recently moved to London, she was born and brought up in a family that traded fabric for a living since 1960s. After Growing up being neighbours envy wearing her mum’s hand-stitched and dare to wear silhouettes from leftover fabrics, she went on to study Fashion Design in the year 2000 and spent formative stages of her career at major Indian design houses like Satya Paul and Vasari.

The boldness and richness of Indian fashion colour palette and intricate embellishments created ample choices to play with. She created both traditional Indian garments like the sari (9 yard fabric) & modern day attire like pant suits. With access to ancestral artisans in Delhi, she experimented Indian colors and embellishments with unique western styles, and came up with different contemporary & innovative designs for the sari, giving this delicate garment a role in modern fashion. After several years as a designer with many fashion labels she was promoted to be the Head of Design at Tejoo Fashion in India.
Bold & Vibrant MONAARA

In addition to her experience and passion for fashion – she is also an emerging artist. Beyond the Indian context, one of the key inspirations has been fashionable interpretation of exquisite and unique cultures she continues to experience during her worldly travails

After moving to London to be with her husband, Monika launched MONAARA, her scarf label with a twofold purpose.

The first is to allow fans of Monika’s art to wear a piece of her art – in the form of a scarf. The second is to allow people to experience a bit of a gorgeous silk sari, without actually wearing a sari, but in the form of a scarf.

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See her whole range here: http://www.monaara.com/

Monaara Mask Scarf