Featured Designer: Peter Kucerik

peter kucerik glass work ghosts

In his work Peter likes to reflect aspects of his personal interests and experience. As a child hiking in the Slovak mountains, he liked to collect minerals, semi-precious stones, dried leaves and plant cuttings. These things continue to capture his imagination. But he is also inspired by modern architectural shapes and designs. Thanks to the advance of computer technology, and CAD in particular, it is now possible to create geometric structures from complex, nature-inspired facets and curves.

In his glass practice, he likes to mix all of these elements together to produce sculptural pieces using a similar crystalline geometry to that found in nature. His work responds to both nature and modern digital technology. Peter’s work is kiln cast, cold worked and selectively polished. He also uses LED technology to emphasise the geometry of the work and, to enhance the unique optical qualities of the glass. The series of pieces presented here is called “Ghost”. This incorporates a sense of a tipping point and showcases the unique ability of handmade glass to present asymmetrical and yet balanced surfaces.

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See all of ‘Ghost’ on Peter’s website: http://www.peterkucerik.com/

Follow Peter on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeterKucerik