Featured Designer: Remi Dubibé

Remy Dubibé Lighting

Returning with a warm welcome to Intrigue Emporium is Remy Dubibé

An artist and a self-proclaimed a hoarder of souvenirs and memories, fascinated by the sensitivity and elegance from the eclectic chaos of sounds and images, feelings and dreams found in the routine of every day life and features the sentimentality of these memories into his work. Today fragility is characteristic of his works, creating “ephemeral” pieces, working with thin surfaces and layers, playing with translucidity, giving a sense of tension both in space and time trying to reveal an intimate and enigmatic ambiance.

Remy Dubibé will feature limited edition pieces of jewellery and ceramic homeware at Intrigue Emporium’s Summer Show.

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You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

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Remy Dubibé Lilies