Featured Designer: Samantha Blundell

samantha blundell ceramics

Nature has always been at the forefront of Samantha’s inspiration. That burst of life and energy you experience when you walk through a bed of flowers or meadow are elements in which Samantha hopes to portray within her own work.

Hand building is very much Samantha’s passion for the unique qualities she can achieve from this process. Her organic, bulb-like forms make a bold statement on their own but also work together to fully express the immeasurable experience of nature.

Samantha’s knowledge of colour and glazing has really helped aid her in her work; the more expressive glazing techniques not only compliment the forms but also make them vibrant and distinctive.

For Samantha Ceramics is unlike any other art form  and she feels most creative and comfortable when working with clay.

Her whole collection can be found here: http://www.samanthablundellceramics.com/

Follow her on Twitter here: SamBCeramics

Samantha Blundell cermics