Featured Designer: Verena Boehm

verena boehm

Verena’s jewellery is inspired by blacksmithing, both by traditional forging techniques and by the detail in wrought iron work patterns. She selects a few interesting details from an ornate pattern, which she then refines and stylises down to a jewellery scale, showing off the simple beauty of forms that were previously lost in the pattern. Her designs are often lead by the process of forging itself as with each hammer blow the metal moves in a new direction inspiring fresh ideas.

This spontaneous idiosyncrasy of forging means each piece of her jewellery is unique. She likes to highlight the beauty and preciousness of silver with small, selectively polished surfaces in place of gems, surrounded by beautiful satin finishes. She also uses finely hammered facets to evoke the sparkles of cut gem stones.

Her collection is contemporary, interesting and unusual while at the same time being simple, understated and very comfortable to wear.

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Verena Boehm