Featured Designer: William Rolls

william rolls ceramic dog

Humorous, Spirited, Curious, Bounding, Energetic

Dogs provide William Rolls with enormous scope for experimentation and exploration. Playfulness and joyfulness, movement and freedom are important elements in the characters that he produces. The clay creates the characters in his work whilst he influence structures, forms and surface finishes.

Every clay has its own strengths and weaknesses and brings unique qualities to each piece. It is important that each dog has a unique personality – either in form, character or technical application. He aims to capture the spirit of the dog without over finishing so that the final piece has inherent character and distinctiveness.

Most of his work is fired to stoneware so is durable. William finishes his work with slips, underglazes and oxides. His work is informed by research from real life. He says that he sketches dogs at every opportunity, as he wants to try and understand their anatomy, personalities and interactions. He has found that making time to do this has really helped his creative practice and culminated in the work he is currently producing. Every piece is unique.

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See this collection and more on his website: http://williamrollsceramics.com/

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william rolls ceramic hare