Featured Designer: Wilna Venter

Wilna Venter is a Textile Designer that specialize in exploratory yarn creations. Structures and details, purity and the beauty of imperfection and spontaneity; these are the ingredients she looks to combine in her work. Her primary interest is in creating desirable objects, built up through layering and collaging textures and yarns. Through mixed media techniques, combined with sewing machine illustrations she aims to produce stimulating textile works that balance between visually beautiful imagery and fragile stitching. Wilna Venter is not a believer in the perfect stitch; she feels the vulnerability of thread should unravel as your creative flow allows it to.

Every project and design she creates starts with photography. A very visual craftsman, she easily attracted to aesthetics and possibilities of unusual material that could react together. She creates all aspects of her work, from the moulds to sculpt the shapes, weaving and embroidery by hand whilst looking at contextual research and her original source of inspiration. Every piece is unique in its imperfections as each piece is a reflection of her interests, self-expressions and personality.

Wilna is currently studying an MA to advance her pieces into more finished wearable products such as jewelry and accessories. A new finished jewelry collection will be released for sale to the public in June 2015 as well as larger scale interior products.

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Check out her website: http://www.wilnaventer.com/