Featured Designer: Yaffa Meskell

Yaffa Meskell

Yaffa’s work as a professional photographer inspires her jewellery. She captures snapshots before the beauty of the moment fades – blossom, decay, the first curl of a leaf, the shapes in nature that capture my imagination. Her jewellery enables her to recreate these fleeting moments in a more durable form.

Growing up in Israel surrounded by vivid colours, distinctive aromas, intense heat and a rich culture remainss an integral part of who Yaffa is and which is always present in her work.

She designs and makes beautiful, elegant, organic pieces. She works with precious metals – Gold, silver and copper and I incorporate hammering, forging textures and colour in her work. She starts out with an idea but the materials and techniques that she explored determine the end result and there is always an element of surprise that makes each piece unique.

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Yaffa Meskell