Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair Recap

The Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair was, as promised, full of Christmas spirit and festive treats! With some of our regular exhibitors as well as a whole host of new talent, our third event was our biggest and best ever! If you had the misfortune of being unable to make it, take a look at some of the photos to see what you missed.

Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair La Dame Au Beret Stall

Madame Au Beret’s stall was eye-catching to say the least! This is just a taste of her beautiful hats and headpieces, many of them vintage inspired and all of them lovingly hand crafted. You can see more of her work on her website.

Remy Dubibe Stall at the Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair

Once again we had the privilege of showcasing the work of Remy Dubibe, a hugely talented ceramic artist. The hanging icicles and ceramic lamps of his display really made you feel like you were stepping in to a winder wonderland.

Knit Wits Display at the Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair

As well as putting on a fantastic knitting workshop, Knit Wits Brixton had some of the handmade made creations for sale our Christmas Fair. Their comfy snoods and adorable woolly hats are perfect for the freezing temperatures of winter, so if you missed them at our fair, you can request to have something custom made for you on their website!

S & Z Studio Stall at the Intrigue Emporium Christmas FairThis design duo behind S&Z created the perfect Christmas collection, from tote bags with song lyrics from Christmas Carols to notepads featuring Rudolph and more. Their stall was full of festive goodies, our personal favourite being the little 3D Christmas cards! If you’re as excited as us to see what they come up with in the new year, you can follow their tumblr to keep up to date.

Rosita Bonita Jewellery at the Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair

Intrigue Emporium would not be what it is without a selection of unique and fabulous jewellery, which Rosita Bonita is a perfect example of. Her jewellery, made through a range of techniques including printing on to leather, is absolutely stunning and with makes an amazing luxury gift for anyone. The touch of fantasy in her work brought a little bit of magic to our Christmas show!

The Intrigue Emporium Spring Show will be taking place in May, so check back soon for more details of the next event. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with what we’re doing.