Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair Recap

The Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair was, as promised, full of Christmas spirit and festive treats! With some of our regular exhibitors as well as a whole host of new talent, our third event was our biggest and best ever! If you had the misfortune of being unable to make it, take a look at some of the photos to see what you missed.

Intrigue Emporium Christmas Fair La Dame Au Beret Stall

Madame Au Beret’s stall was eye-catching to say the least! This is just a taste of her beautiful hats and headpieces, many of them vintage inspired and all of them lovingly hand crafted. You can see more of her work on her website. Read more

Intrigue Emporium Autumn Show Recap

Intrigue Emporium Autumn Show was a hit! We had a whole selection of talented designers exhibiting with us again, and it was great to see some old faces coming back for our second event!  There were some really unique and out-there pieces on display at the autumn show, we were so excited to see some of the truly amazing stuff our sellers had to offer. In case you missed it, we got very snap happy with the camera, so here’s a few photos from the event for you to browse.

IMGP1327 Intrigue Emporium Autumn Show wood turned bowls britsh made gabor and patricia
Gabor & Patricia

Read more

Intrigue Emporium Recap Part 2

Intrigue Emporium Recap Part 2

If you missed our launch event, you really missed a treat. Our exhibitors went all-out, everyone’s stall looked amazing! While we’re busy organising the Autumn Fair, have a browse here for a selection of the outrageously creative designers from the Summer Show.

Jenny Llewellyn Jewellery Stall at Intrigue Emporium

Jenny Llewellyn brought the summer vibe with her brightly coloured jewellery, perfect for the warm weather we had on the day. Her work is inspired by “the luminous colours, shapes and movement of creatures from the deep sea”, which explains her distinctive style. Combining precious metals with colourful silicone, her pieces are simultaneously unique and wearable – no worrying about scratching up your beatiful jewellery – and no worrying that some-one will have the same piece as you.

ciara monahan3

Ciara Monahan also came with the tropical colours, and a Flamingo! Who doesn’t love flamingos? Ciara is a London-based womenswear designer who isn’t afraid to play with colour and shape!  Another designer who absolutely fits the description of ‘outrageously creative’, you won’t find clothing and accessories quite like this anywhere else. Looking for ostentatious headgear for a special occasion? Look no further than Ciara’s giant parrot headband!

ciara monahan2

am florence

AM Florence’s beautiful vintage style display literally made you feel like you were stepping in to another time. Some of their beautifully crafted luggage has antique Florentine manuscript individually printed onto them, making you feel like you’re about to get on a steam train across Europe in the 19th century. Each of their pieces has different pieces of script printed onto them, each piece is unique – you’re definitely not going to confuse your luggage on the airport conveyer belt!

sarah michelle

Did you have a chance to take a closer look at Sarah Michelle’s artwork? She paints iconic figures, then embellishes her paintings with intricate stitchwork, the results giving her work a very multi-dimensional feel. Tattooing black and white illustrations of famous icons with embroidery means that although from a distance her work looks great, when you come in a little bit closer her pictures are that much more fascinating! Take a look at her blog where she discusses her artistic process to get an insight into her work.

Intrigue Emporium Summer Show Recap Part 1

Intrigue Emporium Summer Show Recap Part 1

The Intrigue Emporium Summer Show looked amazing, there were so many talented people there, there’s no way I can fit everyone into a single blog post, (so make sure you check back later in the week for more!). We’d like to shout a big thank you to all of the exhibitors that made organising the event so worthwhile, and another big thank you to all the visitors who came to see what the fuss was all about.

Intrigue Emporium Panoramic View  Of The Hall

As the doors opened all 50 of the stalls looked great, and Vegan Sweet Treats were just putting the finishing touches to their stunning food display in the cafe area. We feel so lucky to have such a talented and creative group of designers for our launch event!

vegan sweet treats2

We were all kept well fueled by the delicious Vegan snacks we had on sale from Vegan Sweet Tooth, from talented chef Giancarlo Roncato, if you didn’t get to try to try their chocolate brownie (100% vegan, and 100% delicious!) then you’ve missed out! Their treats included nut free cakes and gluten-free cakes, so there was something for any dietary requirements.

vegan sweet treats

Electrik Nan at The Intrigue Emporium Summer Show

The Elektrik Nan girls seemed to be having a lot of fun, have a look at their instagram for more photos of themselves and their customers posing with their awesome pop-up style props! Creator Ania Placzkiewicz believes that “everything in life is art”, including how you dress. The girls looked fabulous dressed in their own knitted creations, so I guess we can’t argue with their reasoning!

Remy Dubibe Ceramic Art and Jewellery

Remy Dubibé definitely embodies Intrigue Emporium’s ‘Outrageously Creative’ ethos, we’ve never seen anybody do something like this with ceramics. His stall itself felt like an art installation, we’re so glad he came to exhibit with us! His jewellery, complicated and ostentatious, are amazing works of art in themselves, looking great lit up by his ceramic lighting. The whole thing was mesmerizing! With each of his ceramic pieces on each of his jewellery sets individually crafted, wearing one of these pieces must make you feel like a walking piece of art.

In Her Glory Lights And Flowers

The girls of In Her Glory were showing off their stunning custom faux-flower and lights displays, as well as their funky knitted cushions. Who wouldn’t want their house to be filled with these things?! Ranging from darkly gothic in black and red to whimsical and fairy-like in in pretty pastels, In Her Glory had a really diverse collection of light-up pieces. They do a lot of custom work, so if you haven’t had the chance to order something for yourself, what are you waiting for?