Featured Brand: SB Brand

SB Brand Archangel Jewellery

SB Sheena Bulsara creates One of a Kind jewellery for the woman who wants something unique. Her label SB Brand has been running for five years now. Valuing the intrinsic beauty of antiques and vintage charms, semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals. Sheena creates unique compositions in her jewellery that sit somewhere on the continuum of art and design.
“I want my jewellery to be like sculptural jewels that opulently adorn the body in some cases blurring the line between clothing and jewellery” Read more

Featured Brand: Be-Bop-a-Lula

Be-Bop-a-Lula Stationary

Be-Bop-a-Lula was launched by Octavia O’Donovan; inspired by her love of stationery, design and sewing. She previously graduated with a degree in graphic design and went on to work for a number of design agencies in London.

With a growing collection of design-led greeting cards, homeware and accessories, every one of her items is carefully designed and handmade in London, using only the best quality vintage and UK-sourced materials. Read more

Featured Designer: Michiyo Arai

Michiyo Arai Jewellery

Michiyo’s brand has only been running for a year and retains that fresh spark to its ideas. Every piece is hand crafted utlising traditional techniques making each piece a unique treasure. Her pieces  make use of many luxurious materials; Glass beads, 925 Sterling Silver. Swarovski crystals, Gold as well as bare base metals such as copper, brass and bronze.

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Featured Designer: La Dame Au Beret

La Dame Au Béret White Roses Head piece

Myriam Lengliné is a London-based Parisian milliner, the gifted hands and creative mind behind “La dame au béret”.

Inspired by the timeless elegance and craftsmanship of bygone eras, traditional folk costumes, flora and fauna, “La dame au béret” specialises in bespoke millinery – enchanting opulent hats and headpieces, the perfect headwear for every discerning personality with a Bohemian, romantic spirit and a soul shrouded in mystery and drama. Myriam combines her French Parisian heritage with British individuality and eccentricity, mixing traditional and contemporary millinery techniques; primarily recycling antique and vintage materials.

All her pieces are handmade one-off models. Read more

Featured Brand: Fatiha Tasnim Designs

Fatiha Tasnim Designs

Fatiha Tasnim Designs Jewellery ranges focus on mixed media contemporary jewellery. The collections are inspired by the Indian heritage of vibrant colours and intricate patterns from Mughal History to Bollywood fashion and modern everyday styles. The pieces focus widely on vibrant colours and decorative patterns to express rich and playful charms to the surface. Metal, enamel and beads are used to create handmade jewellery. Read more

Intrigue Emporium Autumn Show Recap

Intrigue Emporium Autumn Show was a hit! We had a whole selection of talented designers exhibiting with us again, and it was great to see some old faces coming back for our second event!  There were some really unique and out-there pieces on display at the autumn show, we were so excited to see some of the truly amazing stuff our sellers had to offer. In case you missed it, we got very snap happy with the camera, so here’s a few photos from the event for you to browse.

IMGP1327 Intrigue Emporium Autumn Show wood turned bowls britsh made gabor and patricia
Gabor & Patricia

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Featured Designer: Katie New Jewellery

celeste enamel earrings

Welcome to KT New jewellery, a collection of sensual, rich and contemporary jewellery pieces. Each piece is imaginatively conceived, designed and hand-crafted from my London based studio.

Using innovative techniques, structures and clasps, Katie creates jewellery with natural forms that loop and curve with architectural simplicity.

The work is strongly influenced by the exotic nature of botanical gardens. The unique pieces capture the ephemeral and natural in permanent structures formed from precious materials. The leaf embossed texture is a signature style which is complemented by strong geometric shapes and delicate wire structures. Read more

Featured Brand: Dani Crompton

dani crompton necklace

Dani Crompton creates contemporary and bold geometric beaded designs for jewellery lovers. Tiny 1mm glass beads are intricately sew together to create light weight three dimensional forms in a myriad of bright colours. Colour is their passion and they delight in developing new combinations. Every piece is hand made to a high standard and finished with quality sterling silver findings.

Dani has worked independently out of a studio in SW London since 2000 and enjoys taking on commissions for dramatic wedding, jewellery and headpieces. Read more

Featured Brand: Kata Wearable Art

kata wearable art cufflinks

Returning to Intrigue Emporium after winning ‘Best Stall’ at our previous Intrigue Emporium Summer Show is Kata Wearable art.

Every Kata piece has been made with its collector in mind – they are not simply adornments but art pieces to be flaunted. Established in 2008 by Anton Kata who has been in the jewellery industry for over 17 years, every Kata design has its own story embedded in its detail with each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted with personally selected diamonds and gemstones to suit the client’s taste. Read more

Featured Designer: Jenny Haytch

Featured Designer: Jenny Haytch

jenny haytch illustration

The identity of Jenny haytch came about after, as she puts it,  “…had been applying for jobs and waiting for various aspects of my life to kick off a few years after graduating, and still nothing was really happening.”

 Needing to do something aside from job hunting to give herself a feeling of accomplishment at the end of day; some instant gratification.  And something that she could afford to do.  So she started drawing.

While having no intention of anyone really looking at it – it was months before she put anything publicly online but it seemed to go down pretty well.  I didn’t (and don’t) take it too seriously. Jenny tries to let her designs flow out as naturally as possible without bogging them down by overthinking them.

Love this?

You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

Get her full spiel from her tumblr here: http://jennyhaytch.tumblr.com/

Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/likejennyhaytch

And on twitter: http://twitter.com/jennyhaytch

jenny haytch

Featured Designer: William Rolls

Featured Designer: William Rolls

william rolls ceramic dog

Humorous, Spirited, Curious, Bounding, Energetic

Dogs provide William Rolls with enormous scope for experimentation and exploration. Playfulness and joyfulness, movement and freedom are important elements in the characters that he produces. The clay creates the characters in his work whilst he influence structures, forms and surface finishes.

Every clay has its own strengths and weaknesses and brings unique qualities to each piece. It is important that each dog has a unique personality – either in form, character or technical application. He aims to capture the spirit of the dog without over finishing so that the final piece has inherent character and distinctiveness.

Most of his work is fired to stoneware so is durable. William finishes his work with slips, underglazes and oxides. His work is informed by research from real life. He says that he sketches dogs at every opportunity, as he wants to try and understand their anatomy, personalities and interactions. He has found that making time to do this has really helped his creative practice and culminated in the work he is currently producing. Every piece is unique.

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You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

See this collection and more on his website: http://williamrollsceramics.com/

Follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WilliamRollsCeramics

william rolls ceramic hare

Featured Designer: Faith Mercer

Featured Designer: Faith Mercer

faith mercer glasswork

Faith Mercer’s work explores the beauty of life and its regeneration after death. She is inspired by the hidden miracles of the microscopic world of pollen and mould spores. As an Artist, her intention is to develop distinctive and tactile work, which combines traditional craftmanship with unconventional techniques and original ideas. The importance of individualism and free thinking is the main focus of her art work.

Love this?

You can shop their collections and meet them alongside 70 other independent designers and makers at our next event at Shoreditch town hall.

Free entry , Families welcome.

Explore her whole range on her website: http://www.faithmercer.com/

 faith mercer ceramics